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Google presents a new application that makes the search lighter and faster

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The technological giant Google announced today, Thursday, April 12, 2018, the launch of a new product, Google Go, an application that promises to make Internet search a lighter and faster experience.
In a statement released by Google “as more and more Africans go online every year, using cell phones as their primary and sometimes just as an Internet device, online is no longer a place where they ‘go’, is where they live , they connect with people, places and things that matter to them: Poor data connectivity, high data costs and low RAM or storage space often make it difficult for people to make the most of the Internet: Google Go is designed to handle these challenges.

The application has less than 5 MB, so it is easy to download. With just one touch, you can easily search for what is trending in your country, find an inspiring appointment to post on Twitter or Instagram, search for GIF files, discover nearby places and search for videos. With Google Go, you can access all your favorite applications and websites and discover the main destinations of your country.

The application uses the latest version of Google’s advanced compression algorithm, using up to 40% less data to display search results. Search results are also stored in the cache on the device so you can quickly access previous searches, even when you are offline, without incurring additional data costs.

When there is no Internet access, Google Go retries unsuccessful search requests in the background and notifies you as soon as the results are ready.

Google Go is available in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa through the Google Play Store

HTC phones are the best smartphones in the market

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The success story that has led the Taiwanese company HTC to the forefront of the international manufacturers of mobile smartphones in the world. The AdMob network reported that of the total number of mobile phones sold in the global market, 35% of these devices are HTC Desire.

This list also includes the major mobile device manufacturers such as Samsung Moment, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Tatoo. It has been a growing demand for Android phones in the market, which has proved to be a big blow to the biggest competition of which is the Apple iPhone. When HTC Dream was launched, it was responsible for 92% of the sales of Android smartphones in the market. After a time when many other phones joined the battle, HTC Dream was still ahead and constituted 22% of the total sales of Android phones with Motorola Droid arriving in a second very close to 21%.

The HTC Desire is a very powerful mobile phone and comes with the now revered snap dragon processor that has a speed of 1 GHz.

The company had problems and still does with Android updates every time and many times leaving many loyal customers feeling cheated. He lost many loyal users and pushed many potential buyers too. But the situation was handled after all and HTC is still one of the most popular mobile device manufacturers in the world market. It has been a great success among users of all demographic characteristics and all types of users.

Useful tips on touch screen or touch panel Smart Phones

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Today you may find that all advanced versions of mobile phones use the touchscreen interfaces or the QWERTY touchscreen. These are designed to give people faster and smarter operation and have them manage all applications effectively. These high-end mobile phones come with several features along with the revolutionary touchscreens or touch pads. Various combinations of touch screen and keys are provided on smartphones.

When it comes to touch screen mobile phones, then you must go for BlackBerry phones. A user-friendly interface is provided for quick and easy access to all functions. Users with BlackBerry mobile phones can send emails, text messages and carry out other applications effectively. There are mobiles that come with annoying touch screen interfaces that consumes a lot of time and effort.

Another phone that comes with a full touch panel is LG Voyager. The minor screen slides from the sides just above the QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is similar to the Nokia E75 and cell phone users have been waiting for something like this. It looks like a typical bar-type phone from the front. It consists of a small stylish screen and vertical keyboard. On the Nokia E75, it opens to provide a full QWERTY keyboard below.

One thing that companies are constantly looking for is finding enough space for the keyboard and the screen. With a small keyboard, people find it very difficult to write and the small touch screen does not adapt to the growing demands of user typing. For fast and comfortable writing experiences, a touch keyboard or non-virtual keyboard is ideal for wider screens. The cell phone with touch panel meets the needs of text messages, email and online chat of smartphone users. If you want a mobile phone that can be used to play games, watch movies, check online, smartphones with a screen on the touch screen are the most appropriate.

A complete mobile phone that was launched for the first time in the market with this type of screens and click and contact technology is the BlackBerry Storm. When compared to the iPhone, Storm has not managed to provide a unique user experience with its full touch screen interface without a keyboard.

The GI phone with Android from HTC has done everything possible to overcome the iPhone. The integrated sliding QWERTY physical touchpad ensures a comfortable feeling and guarantees the performance of quick actions. Users are offered with a complete touchpad experience. It comes with a full touch panel and is thicker in size. Along with complete and user-friendly experiences, the mobile also comes with other convincing features.

All telephone leaders have one thing in common, a touchscreen interface or a QWERTY touchpad. By offering simple and effective touch keys, mobile phones will have a great click in the market.

5 factors to consider when choosing a smartphones

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There are smartphones created by a multitude of manufacturers and oriented to specific markets. Choose the operating system, the screen size and the most suitable native features, while also considering whether you really need the latest specification phone. To enjoy the best experience, you must make sure you choose the right phone for you instead of the one with the best features.

1 – The operating system is more than a choice between if you prefer Google or Apple; Ultimately, it will determine the level of features, the experience you enjoy and even the type and brand of phone you can choose from. Android is the most popular platform in the world and is used in many smartphones. iOS is only found on Apple iPhones, while Blackberry 10 and other versions of Blackberry OS are only found in the range of Blackberry smartphones. The Windows Phone operating system is proving to be extremely popular now as well.

2 – The size of the screen will also determine the way you use smartphones. The 4-inch screens, like the iPad 5, are among some of the smaller screens available but can be used comfortably with just one hand, but still can offer decent viewing quality. The HTC One measures 4.7 “while the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 5” and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, one of the so-called “phablets” offers a huge 5.5 “. If you feel comfortable with the large size of the largest phones, then These can offer exceptional screen real estate, see anything from photos to movies, it is comfortable and enjoyable.

3 – Consider storage. Even if smartphones offer the ability to install a 32GB SD card, you must ensure that there is a reasonable amount of storage on board. This is used to store system files and some other files will also be stored on the hard drive. A restrictive hard disk size will cause your smartphone to have speed, freeze and block problems once you have used it for a few months. That said, the ability to install your own SD cards to expand storage should also be considered a beneficial feature.

4 – Consider the native applications and functions that are already included with the mobile phone when you buy it. These applications can range from the integration of social networks to feeds of friends or, in the case of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, could include health and lifestyle applications. Phones like the LG Optimus 3D come with 3D, while the HTC One has some of the best photo editing features built right into the phone.

5 – You do not necessarily need the phone with the highest specification. The simplest way to save money on smartphones is to avoid the latest releases and consider something different to the models with the highest specifications available. Determine what you really need and what you want from your phone before you start shopping, hoping to avoid the consumption of massive megapixels and the highest resolution.

Check Out The easiest way to find directions on your smartphone

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Cell phones in the last 10 years have exploded in their technology and capabilities. Every day new applications come out and the uses of your phone increase with each new application that is launched. The main use of my phone is, of course, being able to send and receive calls, text messages and search for directions to and from certain destinations. There are several applications that allow you to search for addresses and others that even guide you with step-by-step instructions. One of the most popular address applications is Google Maps, and it’s free.

With Google maps you can search for business, directions, traffic conditions and other information. If you have GPS capabilities on your phone, which is what most smartphones do, it will even show you on the map the route to your destination. You have the option to toggle between a list of turn-by-turn directions or see the route on a map with a pop-up window of your next address. This application is extremely useful and is one of the easiest ways to search for weapons on your phone.

If you do not have it installed, you can download it through your application center or by visiting the googles mobile page, m.google.com. Once it is installed, you can open it and have it locate it. Once you locate it, you can search for an address or business. Press the menu option and choose “search” and enter any business name, city or address you want to search. If more than one option is available, a list will be completed and you can choose the one you want. Once you find the location, you will have the option to obtain directions from your exact location and you can get driving directions, walking or cycling.

The ability to get directions directly to your phone instantly has made everyone available at any time. You will no longer need to look at paper maps or print instructions before leaving on a road trip. It has all the information you need to get exactly where you want and will even inform you of an estimated time of arrival and show you the current traffic conditions.

Addiction to smartphones in adolescents and children

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Teenagers are those who have a greater presence of cell phones, since it is the age at which they are attracted by the devices that can connect with their loved ones.

Is it with the change in the focus of parenting?

You have reached a state where you can not see any child or teenager without a smartphone. This is probably due to poor breeding technique. Parents tend to entertain their children with smartphones, as they can not give their quality time to involve the child in another natural way these days. This in turn will become a habit for the child to search for the fully equipped smartphone at times when boredom takes over.

What attracts the children and adolescents of this generation?

In children, the addiction to smartphones is mainly due to the type of interactive games that can be found in them. Although it is about teenagers, it is generally the social networks sector that keeps them addicted to smartphones. There could also be educational applications on smartphones, but at the same time, too much of everything is always an impediment.

Is loneliness what makes them become addicted?

Addiction to such devices comes into play with the generation, and most of the children and adolescents of this generation are single and tend to seek company. When once they can not see themselves as real people who are usually busy with their own work, they have no choice but these smartphone friends.

What are the problems that could arise?

This addiction could lead to several long-term problems. The temporary solution to boredom and child participation could result in a situation in which the child does not get along with real people in a group. The art of socializing will soon be forgotten if this trend continues to grow. The activities that previous generations had are almost lost due to the business mentality of most of us today. Smartphones can further ruin the possibilities of outdoor games and exposure in children and adolescents these days.

Of course, there are several useful aspects of smartphones. But if misused, it can lead to a condition in which the addiction cannot be eliminated in an easy way. Children and adolescents tend to become introverted as communication skills decrease gradually. Therefore, the limited use of any of the invention is healthy and wise for all time.

Top 5 ways in which a smartphone can improve your life

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I have said it before and I will continue to scream from the hills, you need a smartphone and you must remember that your smartphone is more than just emails and phone calls. Nowadays, no matter which mobile device you choose, there are a variety of applications that can help you improve your business and your life. These are some examples of the types of time-saving applications that you can download to your phone.

Business card reader: Most smartphones currently have a built-in camera. Enterprising types have developed applications that mean you can take a photo of the business card with the built-in camera and the details of the business card will be read automatically and saved as a new contact on your phone.

Access and edit business documents: with your new phone, you no longer need to travel with a laptop in most cases. You can access software and applications that allow you to compose and edit documents in the most common formats, for example, Word documents, Excel documents and PowerPoint presentations. With the right cloud computing program, you can save all documents remotely, so that any changes are synchronized to avoid confusion.

Billing software: the days of the paper invoice and the fax order for the sales representatives who are traveling have already passed. Now you can log in remotely to make sure there is a product in stock, write an order that can be filled the same day and send a PDF copy of an invoice directly to your customer, all from your phone, all in a matter of minutes. This means that you can get orders faster, the customer is happy because he gets his product faster and gets paid faster.

Dictation software: if you are on the road a lot, this software can be useful for you. You can dictate emails or notes on your phone and translate them into text. Some studies I’ve read suggest that dictating something can be up to 5 times faster than writing.

GPS maps: you can make sure you never get lost again with a GPS map application on your smartphone, especially if it offers you step-by-step navigation so you know where you’re going.

It is no longer just about calls and emails. The right earphone can change your life. Do yourself a favor and update yourself today!