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Therefore, there are pros and cons for any of the different technologies in the market today, but the fact is that the newer market for smartphones in general has a lot of competition, which can make it really difficult to try to choose the next phone. Therefore, these are some of the best features you can find available in the Apple iPhone 8GB.

– A larger keyboard: compared to other QWERTY keyboards for cell phones on the market, the iPhone’s keyboard is larger than that of most other phones on the market, so it will be easier to try to perform functions On your phone, as well as the fact that it is not necessary to unlock the phone by making a lot of strange button settings to unlock it in some way.

-Memory and quality: the video quality of the iPhone is actually that of a high quality digital camera, which means that this particular smartphone can function as a good camera that can easily upload photos to your computer. As for the memory on this phone, it’s HUGE! There are GIGABYTES available memory, which is much more than any phone I have ever had, I can tell you that. That means you can put a lot of music, photos, videos and even documents for Microsoft Office on your phone!

– Cutting the intermediary: the iPhone is a smart phone that can keep the intermediary completely out of the equation. When you look through your voicemail, instead of having to listen to them all in a long series of “Press 1 to repeat, 2 to delete, 3 to save”, you can simply scroll through your real voicemail and simply select the song you need to sing Besides that, if someone sends you a phone number by email, you do not need to try to find it again so you can write it on your phone. And on top of that, conference calls? A breeze. It’s much easier to just set it up now instead of having to press a bunch of buttons.

– The aspect: always consider the real aspect of the iPhone, which is one of an extremely thin, elegant and sophisticated but colorful interface. You can expect that, if nothing else, you should think about the iPhone for its appearance, since you will never be disappointed with how sophisticated and advanced the device is.

– Compatibility: finally, one of the best features of the iPhone is that it is compatible with both PC and Mac, so you do not have to worry about whether or not you have a computer that works with your phone. Therefore, you will get the convenience of Apple technology with the compatibility and speed of PC technology. Your phone will really be a smartphone.

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