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Addiction to smartphones in adolescents and children

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Teenagers are those who have a greater presence of cell phones, since it is the age at which they are attracted by the devices that can connect with their loved ones.

Is it with the change in the focus of parenting?

You have reached a state where you can not see any child or teenager without a smartphone. This is probably due to poor breeding technique. Parents tend to entertain their children with smartphones, as they can not give their quality time to involve the child in another natural way these days. This in turn will become a habit for the child to search for the fully equipped smartphone at times when boredom takes over.

What attracts the children and adolescents of this generation?

In children, the addiction to smartphones is mainly due to the type of interactive games that can be found in them. Although it is about teenagers, it is generally the social networks sector that keeps them addicted to smartphones. There could also be educational applications on smartphones, but at the same time, too much of everything is always an impediment.

Is loneliness what makes them become addicted?

Addiction to such devices comes into play with the generation, and most of the children and adolescents of this generation are single and tend to seek company. When once they can not see themselves as real people who are usually busy with their own work, they have no choice but these smartphone friends.

What are the problems that could arise?

This addiction could lead to several long-term problems. The temporary solution to boredom and child participation could result in a situation in which the child does not get along with real people in a group. The art of socializing will soon be forgotten if this trend continues to grow. The activities that previous generations had are almost lost due to the business mentality of most of us today. Smartphones can further ruin the possibilities of outdoor games and exposure in children and adolescents these days.

Of course, there are several useful aspects of smartphones. But if misused, it can lead to a condition in which the addiction cannot be eliminated in an easy way. Children and adolescents tend to become introverted as communication skills decrease gradually. Therefore, the limited use of any of the invention is healthy and wise for all time.

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