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5 factors to consider when choosing a smartphones

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There are smartphones created by a multitude of manufacturers and oriented to specific markets. Choose the operating system, the screen size and the most suitable native features, while also considering whether you really need the latest specification phone. To enjoy the best experience, you must make sure you choose the right phone for you instead of the one with the best features.

1 – The operating system is more than a choice between if you prefer Google or Apple; Ultimately, it will determine the level of features, the experience you enjoy and even the type and brand of phone you can choose from. Android is the most popular platform in the world and is used in many smartphones. iOS is only found on Apple iPhones, while Blackberry 10 and other versions of Blackberry OS are only found in the range of Blackberry smartphones. The Windows Phone operating system is proving to be extremely popular now as well.

2 – The size of the screen will also determine the way you use smartphones. The 4-inch screens, like the iPad 5, are among some of the smaller screens available but can be used comfortably with just one hand, but still can offer decent viewing quality. The HTC One measures 4.7 “while the Samsung Galaxy S4 has 5” and the Samsung Galaxy Note II, one of the so-called “phablets” offers a huge 5.5 “. If you feel comfortable with the large size of the largest phones, then These can offer exceptional screen real estate, see anything from photos to movies, it is comfortable and enjoyable.

3 – Consider storage. Even if smartphones offer the ability to install a 32GB SD card, you must ensure that there is a reasonable amount of storage on board. This is used to store system files and some other files will also be stored on the hard drive. A restrictive hard disk size will cause your smartphone to have speed, freeze and block problems once you have used it for a few months. That said, the ability to install your own SD cards to expand storage should also be considered a beneficial feature.

4 – Consider the native applications and functions that are already included with the mobile phone when you buy it. These applications can range from the integration of social networks to feeds of friends or, in the case of the new Samsung Galaxy S4, could include health and lifestyle applications. Phones like the LG Optimus 3D come with 3D, while the HTC One has some of the best photo editing features built right into the phone.

5 – You do not necessarily need the phone with the highest specification. The simplest way to save money on smartphones is to avoid the latest releases and consider something different to the models with the highest specifications available. Determine what you really need and what you want from your phone before you start shopping, hoping to avoid the consumption of massive megapixels and the highest resolution.

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