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HTC phones are the best smartphones in the market

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The success story that has led the Taiwanese company HTC to the forefront of the international manufacturers of mobile smartphones in the world. The AdMob network reported that of the total number of mobile phones sold in the global market, 35% of these devices are HTC Desire.

This list also includes the major mobile device manufacturers such as Samsung Moment, Samsung Galaxy and HTC Tatoo. It has been a growing demand for Android phones in the market, which has proved to be a big blow to the biggest competition of which is the Apple iPhone. When HTC Dream was launched, it was responsible for 92% of the sales of Android smartphones in the market. After a time when many other phones joined the battle, HTC Dream was still ahead and constituted 22% of the total sales of Android phones with Motorola Droid arriving in a second very close to 21%.

The HTC Desire is a very powerful mobile phone and comes with the now revered snap dragon processor that has a speed of 1 GHz.

The company had problems and still does with Android updates every time and many times leaving many loyal customers feeling cheated. He lost many loyal users and pushed many potential buyers too. But the situation was handled after all and HTC is still one of the most popular mobile device manufacturers in the world market. It has been a great success among users of all demographic characteristics and all types of users.

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